Quick update

So I’ve been without a laptop for the last year or so. I’ve been neglecting this for way too long. I will do my best to update this AT LEAST once a month.

There’s been too many stories that have gone unshared.

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That’ll Scare Ya…!!

With the Veil between the worlds becoming thinner; it’s time for me to tell you a story. This one still sends a chill up my back when I think about it. While it really doesn’t focus on my favorite holiday; it is one of those things that was not only strange, but just down right scary.

It’s my version of a ‘ghost’ story.

Now this goes back to my high school days (for me, back to the late 90’s). It was the day after my junior prom. Several friends (including my date/then girlfriend) and I headed up to Great America for the day. We had spent the day having a great time riding rides and getting into general mischief.

As the day came to a close (for us anyway); we happen to notice ominous clouds in the sky. We mostly figured that it would be a bad rainstorm and not much else. When the winds started picking up; there was an unsettling feeling in the group (mainly yours truly).

When the rain came with strong winds and a tornado siren wailing was when true panic had set in for the group. Hearing that there was a tornado touchdown was the icing on the cake. We decided that some kind of shelter was the best bet. We hid out in a theater and waited things out. We weren’t the only ones with that same idea.

At one point; a couple of us got seperated from the rest of the group. My then girlfriend, her friend and I were looking for our friends. The three of us had overheard that for the moment; things seemed to be letting up. The girls decided to head to the gates and look for our friends. I opted to head out to the car and search for them there.

I had forgotten how far away we parked.

In a steady rain, with thunder and lighting going off above me; I checked the car. The trip to the car took the better part of five minutes. After a few minutes I decided to head back to the gates and wait there. I started off at a good pace and was out in the open. I was lost in thought when it happened.

Lighting struck the ground less than ten feet from where I was standing.

All of the hairs on my arms and back of my neck stood straight up. I came to a full stop and looked at the spot. I felt like I was rooted on the spot. I couldn’t move. It’s strange how, even now; I remember all of the feelings that I was having at that point. I felt nothing but a calmness around me.

It was the sound of a galloping horse on asphalt that brought me out of my calm.

I looked around me; thinking someone’s horse was loose in the park. There was nothing there. I turned my focus and headed back to the gates. We met up with the rest of the group and headed back towards the car. On the ride home; we laughed and revelled in the day that passed.

It wasn’t until I was home and getting ready for bed that I thought back to what happened in the parking lot. As I lay there, trying to go to sleep; I heard it. It was a faint voice; soft, sweet. It was angelic and music to my ears.

“Close shave sweetie.”

I smiled and closed my eyes. I whispered into the emptiness.

“Got one hell of a guardian angel watching me.” I sighed. “Thanks babe.” With that; I slept soundly that night.


So did it really happen? I’ll leave that up to you.

Wishing all of you a safe and sacred Samhain.

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Popular Legend that Span All Time.

It’s always around this time of year when we hear them. They are the legends that any of our friends could have overheard or made up; yet they claim that they are true. Every area, region or county has them and their various versions over the the years. They have been passed on from one generation to the next; each time getting more and more creative.

They are the most common of Urban Legends.

The one today being the vanishing hitchhiker. The legend has been passed around all over the world for centuries. I’m sure that you’ve heard the legend? Of course you have. This is a story that has roots to ancient civilizations (yes, we’re talking the Greeks and Romans) and up to today.

So why is it so popular?

According to Snopes.com (to paraphrase); it is the idea that the spirit is interacting with the physical/mortal realms. Most people go looking for spirits in homes or other ‘haunted’ locations. The idea of a spirit actually accessing a car/road side stop/etc. and interacting with us can be scary. But even the staunchest of non-believers are frightened into reality when that person that was riding with them is suddenly gone. No interior lights going off to let you know they exited the car (even with safety/automatic locks in place); just downright disappeared.

I’ve never had this happen to me. I’ve heard from friends that it’s happened to them or they know someone it’s happened to (friend of a friend theory). Certainly there is a version of this legend near you. Keep an eye out for the next few weeks (and beyond); for you could end of with an unexpected visitor that just needs a ride home.

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“Room for One More…”

Probably one of my favorite urban legends/folklore stories that’s been passed around for generations is this one. It was told in story form by the late author Alvin Schwartz in a trilogy of horror stories called Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

If you remember this series; the version of the stories are pretty creepy but the artwork by Stephen Gammell was just frightening. This trilogy was sold to kids in the 80’s through Scholastic books.

Yes to kids. Apparently things like this were okay back then.

Now the story (or the version I heard long ago):

A young man went to Chicago on business. When he arrived; he stayed with some friends for the night. During the night the young man had a dream. In the dream; he saw a creepy man in a hallway. The man stared at him and grinned at him eerily. The creepy man said to the young man.

“Room for one more.”

The young man woke up in the morning and he told his friends about it. They laughed it off and so did the young man. The young man left his friends home and went off to do his business. When his business was done; he waited for an elevator. When the elevator door opened; the young man noticed that the elevator was quite full. It was at that point, he heard the voice from the dream:

“Room for one more.”

The young man had a flashback to the dream from the night before. He shook his head and decided not to get in.

“I’ll catch the next one.”

The door closed and the elevator continued on. All of a sudden, the elevator broke free and crashed to the ground with all of the people aboard were killed.

Have you heard any other versions of this story? Let me know if you have and I’ll have another one for you soon.


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October is by far my favorite month. It’s the last part of the harvest and the last hours of nature before she goes into a slumber.

It’s also when the Veil between the worlds is at the thinnest.

Halloween (Samhain) is probably my favorite holiday. Maybe it’s the tradition of the day (including Day of the Dead/All Saints’ Day) and the history behind it all. They truly are days to celebrate instead of mourn.

Part of here in the States is the tradition of dressing up as ghosts and goblins and going for the free candy. It’s a tradition that I’m sharing with my little man this year again (plus ANY reason for me to dress up/cosplay is just awesome too).

I’m planning on sharing some of my favorite stories and folklore in this blog for the rest of the month. Closer to Halloween/Day of the Dead; I’ll share a really scary one that happened to me.

Stay tuned!!


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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Anyone looking forward to October? I know that I am.

Being built like a ‘brick hithouse’, the time of year between October and June are best for me. It’s cool (cold) breezes and low temps. Its that nip in the air that makes me smile. Mornings are spent with a cup of joe (or three) and afternoons are spent with either warm apple cider (autumn) or tea (winter and spring).

Although I’ve never objected to a hot totty in the winter months. I wouldn’t say no to a pumpkin spice coffee from Speedway either…

I’m not sure what is about this time of year. Maybe it’s the leaves changing and welcoming the Harvest. Maybe moving closer to Halloween (Samhain) is the trick; I’ve made great memories around that time of year. It could be the combination of Halloween and spooky stories to share around the circle. Maybe it’s the idea of spending quality time with my family and friends.

It could any number of things. I just know that I’m now looking forward to more so.




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And He Shall Be…

Have you really ever sat down and watched your kids?

I mean really watched them?

I have more so as of recent (my son’s three now). It’s amazing to watch him grow and shine as he becomes his own little person.

Have you ever done like me and named some of the ‘little personality traits’?

Yeah, it is fun.

Here are a couple that I’ve come up with recently. Yes they are based on Superheroes and Super-villains (it wouldn’t be nerdy of me now would it?):

The Flash/Speedy:  This is the easiest one to give him. I’ve seen him operate on one speed for most of  his life; Fast. From crawling to walking, playing with his toys or on playground equipment, or just being a kid; he moves at that one speed. Even when he’s standing still; he’s vibrating energy off of his little self.

Juggernaut/Crash/Human Tornado: This one kind of ties in with Flash. When he moves at that one speed, there’s one thing that he WILL become; an unstoppable force of nature. He will barrel through something (animals, toys, other children) and take it out. Solid objects are still an issue, but it’s only a matter of time before those too become issue non-grata.

Hulk: Don’t make him angry; he’ll only get stronger. Try preventing a child from doing something and they are determined to do it. They will move; or attempt to move, anyone or anything in their path.

Banshee: Ties in with the Hulk, but works well on it’s own. When we attempt to discipline him from doing wrong; our son has been known to (like most children) to scream at an ungodly volume. It makes my ears want to bleed just thinking about it.

Hawkeye/Bullseye: This is one that has been affectionately given to him by my wife. He has a knack to hit a target and get a desired effect. Don’t believe me? I’ve seen him take out a tower of blocks from across the room with a stuffed monkey no bigger than a human hand. On the first try.

I’m sure that there will be more in his future. As we only just begun in this journey with him.

Remember; he’s only three.

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